I Am Become Death

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This post could probably also be titled: In which I type the same thing over and over again. But in less than 24 hours my body has sprung forth a vicous cold so death becomes me.

So I promised today that I’d test out some different markdown editors. So that’s why I’m typing the same few sentences over and over and testing out other weirdness.

My main contenders are MacDown, Mou, and Typora. So far I’ve been writing in Typora.

But now I’m switching over to MacDown for the heck of it and also checking out Mou for a few words.

So final thoughts:

  • MacDown and Mou are almost one and the same. I remember use Mou maybe a year ago and MacDown is the new kid on the scene.
  • Mou feels very sluggish to render the markdown output as you type. Also dat “buy meee” popup that doesn’t have a cancel only an OK. Especially on a product that was originally supposed to launch in August and we’re now in March.
  • MacDown was decent. No real drawbacks, but kinda meh.
  • Typora is something all together different. It doesn’t have the markdown on the left and the output on the right. It just shows you the output. It’s kinda refreshing. I could see how some people would hate it, wanting to see their exact syntax all the time, but after I’ve typed out ** to bold a thing I don’t mind it just being bold. Especially when I can just go back and when my cursor hits the modified text it shows the syntax I used to get there.

So <3 to you Typora. I think you’re my new best friend except that my sick brain wants to call you ‘Tyfora’ all the time. Sorry about that.

Typora word count

PS. The Typora word count is a thing to behold as well.